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About Us

par·i·ty: n. pl. Equality, as in amount, status, or value


Since 1984, CREW SF has been dedicated to changing business’ gender trends and closing the parity gap by giving women in real estate the support, resources and opportunities they need to connect, influence, and lead.


Women make a difference in business.

Companies with a high representation of women in top management outperform companies that don’t—by as much as 35% in return on equity and 34% in total return to shareholders1. Yet even with these findings, projected trends indicate it could take 40 years for women to achieveparity with men in leadership positions. CREW SF—part of the strongest commercial real estate network in North America, CREW Network—is picking up the pace, by creating opportunities for our members to succeed right now, today. Opportunities to build business, support our colleagues by exchanging referrals, and strengthen our careers by developing expertise and teaching others what we know.


Our Mission: To develop and advance women as leaders in the commercial real estate industry.


The strength of our organization is focused on achieving the following: 

  1. Maximize members professional and personal success through active participation in CREW San Francisco.
  2. Position CREW San Francisco as a respected industry leader.


Talking about the CREW-Volution!

When CREW SF was founded 25 years ago, women in commercial real estate were ready for a revolution. Educated, motivated, and ready to “do the deal,” a number of professionals realized what was missing in their quest for success: contacts, referrals, and camaraderie—all essential ingredients in the business dealings of their male counterparts. And they saw opportunities beyond a “good ol’ boys” redux; CREW SF’s founders looked to the diverse professions that touched commercial real estate and invited them to be part of the evolution of how business is done. Within 5 years, this forward- thinking organization evolved into a national federation.


The strongest link: CREW SF’s members

CREW SF is growing strong, with over 250 seasoned, well- educated, financially successful real estate professionals representing every business sector in corporate real estate. Our average member has 18 years of experience in the industry, 46% hold a master’s degree or higher, and our median income is $150,000, with 25% earning more than $200,000. We are leading the way in business and our communities, as board members, trustees, and committee leaders. Professional diversity is our hallmark, and one way we stay ahead in the industry, with members working in 37 real estate-related fields, including: design, construction, finance, development, brokerage, law, and asset management.






(1)Catalyst, The Bottom Line: Connecting Corporate Performance and Gender Diversity (2004)
(2) 2005 Catalyst Census of Women Corporate Officers and Top Earners of the Fortune 500

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