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The Quarterly Newsletter for CREW San Francisco


The mission of The VIEW is to convey CREW SF's message to its membership, the real estate community, and business community.  This publication is distributed on a quarterly basis to all CREW members, and we encourage you to pass it along to coworkers, friends, and family – anyone who may enjoy it.


Call for Articles!

The communications team is looking for articles for the next edition of The VIEW.  Each article is 700-900 words, on an industry topic of your choice.  Please submit your ideas to, and we will respond to you in a timely manner.  Anyone is eligible to submit articles, and we appreciate all ideas.


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  • Sara DeSimone, Skender Construction
  • Zhen Zhen Li, Golden Millennium Assets
  • Aliza Skolnik, ESD
  • Cady Lee, Veritas Investments Inc.
  • Jacqueline Johnson, Juniper Square
  • Molly McCaughin, Kastle Systems
  • Lourdes Perkins, Savills Studley

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