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Real Estate Field (described below). CREW SF offers several membership categories depending on the type and length of commercial real estate experience. We encourage all applicants to attend at least two CREW SF events prior to joining.


Requirements for Membership

All applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Experience in the commercial real estate industry, 5 years for a Professional Membership and 1 year for an Associate Membership.
  • Currently work in a Qualified Commercial Real Estate Field (described below).
  • Submit a completed application with a $25.00 one-time application fee.
  • Application must be approved by the CREW SF Board of Directors.


Types of Membership

Professional Membership. A Professional Membership is available to commercial real estate professionals with more than five (5) years experience in the industry. Only Professional Members have voting privileges and may hold leadership positions in CREW SF, such as serving on the Board of Directors or as a Committee Chair. In addition, a Professional Membership is automatically renewed each year.


Associate Membership. An Associate Membership is available to commercial real estate professionals with between one (1) and (5) years experience in the industry. An Associate Membership is reviewed annually for membership eligibility.


Membership Dues
Membership dues are $320.00. In addition, new applicants are required to pay a $25.00 non‐refundable, one‐time application fee.


Membership Application

Click here for the CREW SF Membership Application.



Qualified Commercial Real Estate Field

A candidate must be actively engaged in the commercial real estate industry in a qualified Commercial Real Estate field.  Qualified commercial real estate fields include, without limitation, accounting, acquisitions and dispositions, appraisal, architecture, asset management, construction,  real estate brokerage, consulting, media promotion, development, engineering, finance, institutional lending, commercial lending, interior design/space planning, investments, land use, urban planning, redevelopment, law, leasing, market research, mortgage banking, mortgage brokerage, property management, real estate sales, syndication, title insurance, escrow services, and such other fields as may be approved by the CREW SF Board or by CREW Network.


The following are not considered qualified Commercial Real Estate fields: (i) the providing or sale of materials or products used in the construction, equipment or operation of buildings, such as roofing or furniture, (ii) the providing or sale of personal services such life insurance, disability income insurance, financial planning, retirement planning or personal counseling, or (iii) services rendered in connection with the sale or transfer of residential property containing four or fewer units.  

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  • Tu-Uyen Do, UBS Realty Investors
    Molly Spector, CorbisStudio
    Vicky Jay, Blattel Communications
    Emma Hawes, BUILD Group

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