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CREW SF Scholarship Program


About the Program

Thank you for your interest in the CREW SF Scholarship Program!  This program is designed to allow active CREW SF members to take courses and pursue other activities to enhance their careers in commercial real estate. Starting in 2012, scholarship funds raised by CREW SF will be available for a variety of different courses, classes and other activities that are helpful to the careers of individual members of CREW SF.  The Community Affairs Team of CREW SF maintains a database of the types of courses, classes and other activities that might be suitable, but applicants are not limited to the activities listed in that database.  CREW SF members who desire to use scholarship funds will be required to submit an application describing how they propose to use the funds and how the particular activity will be rewarding to the applicant’s career.


Please read the following information to determine your eligibility.  If you meet the requirements, please fill out the on-line application and email it to



We look forward to working with you!



  • To be eligible for the Scholarship Program, you must be a current CREW member for at least two (2) years.
  • Applicants must provide a summary of the proposed course or activity.  Please describe how this particular course or activity will be advantageous to your career.
  • In general, applicants will be expected to contribute some of their own funds toward the cost of the course or other activity.
  • After receiving an approved expense reimbursement form and course registration confirmation, CREW SF will reimburse scholarship recipients within 30 days.
  • Applicants will have twelve (12) months from approval of the application to utilize the scholarship funds.  If the funds are not used within that time frame, applicant may forfeit any approved but unused funds.


Applicant Requirements & Responsibilities

Applicants are required to be actively engaged in the program and to utilize funds within the accepted time frame.


Scholarship Budget Constraints

The amount of funds available each year for the Scholarship Program will depend in part on the amount of funds raised from CREW SF’s charitable events.


How to Apply

  • If you meet our eligibility requirements, we encourage you to apply.
  • Complete the application form and email it to
  • Once your application has been submitted, the Scholarship Committee, a sub-committee of the Community Affairs Team will be responsible for selecting scholarship recipients, subject to approval by the CREW SF Board of Directors. 
  • After we review your application, you will be notified via email with the outcome of this review and, if selected, you will also receive instructions for course reimbursement. 


Please note: We select scholarship recipients four times a year. You will know within three months whether or not if you will receive Scholarship funds.  If your application is not accepted, we encourage you to apply during the next open enrollment. 

Click here to download an application.

Still have questions? Please contact for more information.

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